Just a sad composition for piano and orchestra dedicated to us all in the times of Covid

Hi guys,

I don’t remember if I posted it here or not… but I want to share this composition with you… I dedicated it to all people who had to live through lots of hardships during this Covid time, who lost their loved ones… it is kind of a mourning song but it is also about hope and not giving up … thank you for listening… as always I used mostly Spitfire audio sound libraries here… also I never use percussion loops and write percussion myself


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That was great. A fantastic composition very skillfully executed. Art is wonderful. Thanks for posting.

Gorgeous music !!! :clap:
The brass are from the Spitfire library? which library did you use?
What did you use for the metallic percussion?

I also left you a comment on the youtube channel.

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This is lovely Julia, well done! Thank you for sharing!

Hi Julia, again I don’t find anything wrong with the piece itself but I think the mixing could be improved. The tune would benefit from having more warm low end and midtones. Now, the piece ends up coldish and alienating because it is lacking on these elements. This is just my opinion, of course. Are you using reference tracks to compare your work to?

Love the ambient sounds! Just wanted to know if those were your paintings they are beautiful and blend so well with the music.