Just a heads up .. for those that are running NAtive Instruments Kom

Just a heads up … for those that run Native instruments Komplet , The “Black Friday” sale on Libraries is running … Libraries can be had for 50% off right now as well as bundles… Anyhow members here might want to have a look to see if theres a few gems to pick out …

I’m sure “those who know” are there making purchases !!!


I’ve been kind of drifting away from NI (apart from Kontakt, obviously) after I focused on orchestral scoring, and over time, I’ve moved to FabFilter, iZotope, Vengeance Sound, and kiloHearts for my core tools - but of course, I already have KU + various other stuff of theirs.

However, I’m really liking what I hear from Straylight, so I might finally be picking that up now.

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Straylight is an awesome library David, picked it up when it was launched and they updated it with a very awesome drag and drop function for your own samples (a great nifty update in Kontakt 6.2).
What I can imagine will be a bit a downer is that they upped the price before the sale… It was 149 euro on launch and now it’s 199 euro and on sale for 99 euro, instead of 75 euro which would have been 50% off. But still a great price.