Jurassic Park with guitar

Jurrasic Park with guitar

Here is my entry for the competition.

Track Description
The track starts and ends with classical guitar and accoustic upright bass. The middle sections include brass and strings.

My Creative Vision
I have include alternating parts A & B of the main theme.

Composition Overview
The entire track is in the key of C major - 80bpm.

Main Sounds
I subscribe to EW composer cloud so the guitar and bass are from their sound libraries.
Guitar - EW Gypsy Classical
Bass - EW Goliath Upright Bass

The brass and strings instruments are all from Spitfire BBCSO.


Interesting approach. The soft precussion gives a soft mood. I like that.
As a feedback I could say that, maybe the guitar sound needs more volume variation to obtain a bigger expresion, and less note quantizing to sound less rigid. Also say that the brass sound suffer some distortion, you must use it carefully.

Thanks for your feedback. I noticed that the free spitfire strings had a little harshness which I eq’d out with a notch filter. I will try the same on the spitfire brasss. I will also humanise the guitar. I did apply more velocity to the first beat in the bar. By expression, do you mean crescendo over several bars.

I note that you have commented on all entries. Your hard work is much appreciated as comments are invaluable to new members such as myself. Looking forward to the next competition.

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Thank for your kind words.
By expression I mean a wider difference between strong and weak notes to stablish the pulse, but also, as you say, a modulation of the volume along multiple bars to help the phrasing carry the emotion of the listener (i,m not sure if I am clear :sweat_smile:)
And, yes I do comment every entry. The effort by the composer deserves my effort giving an opinion and/or tip. I try to be frank but maybe somebody can feel molested in some cases because our creations are always importan for us. By the moment, everybody thanks me for the feedback, even when is not very possitive :handshake: