Jurassic Park - Cover - Coni Massa

Hi everyone! I recently joined this community and decided to join the contest. My cover is simple, nothing exuberant, and sounds a bit nostalgic, in my opinion. I am quite happy with the final result.
I do not know if my cover qualifies in the contest because of the time difference between my country and yours but anyway i hope you enjoy it!

Here is the link: https://soundcloud.com/coni-massa/jurassicpark/s-1A4rWt5gJde


Love the simplistic approach! Nice to have you in the community. Being a guitarist this fills my happy place :smiley: also really good use of the Glochenspiel! Quite well mixed too. Well done!!

Thank you! I was a kid when I first saw the movies and I decided to use instruments that were present in my childhood (like the guitar, glockenschpiel and piano) and the simplistic approach represents that period of my life in some way.

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Nice track you did with beautiful sounding

That’s a very inspired approach. Not many people would have done that. Well done!

Thank you! Glad you liked it

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Thank you!

Very good! The instrument choices do give it a dreamy sound and child-like innocence, if that was your goal.

Thank you! Yes, it was my goal!

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I love it Coni. What I spect from a cover. Your personallity and vision over the same song. It sounds almost like a musicbox (maybe too much for my taste). Maybe relaxing the notes quantization would make it sound more humanized (even played by a chil :P) All correct and something to enjoy. Congratulations.

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback and I’m glad you liked it!