Jurassic Park Cover- Choir version

Hi guys

Hope you enjoy my entry.

Been crazy busy with work so didn’t get time to do full version of song, but enjoyed it non the less :slight_smile:
Wanted to go for a choir style version, simple and elegant, that gave a bit of wonder, kinda how people felt watching the first film

Libraries used :

EW choir
CSS strings
Abbey Vocals
Albion one perc
Omni various patches
Granduer Piano



Great Ben! Calming, but still with a sense of wonder. The electric lead at the end was a perfect touch. For some reason it reminded me of Blue Man Group—don’t know why. Maybe it just had that right amount of
“spacey” introspection? curiosity? Something like that. Good work!

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Thanks matt :slight_smile: haha i’ll take blue man group! I feel like it had a very ‘Dune’ feel to it. Maybe cause I watched that recently

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It is a pretty good sound and well created version of Jurassic Park. But I expected as I read your post it is written for choir. And I thought amazing idea. But then - In my view it is a work with a choir. And sometimes the choir sings the main theme. But often it does not. This is my personal impression. Nevertheless your track is really good and I really enjoyed listening

Thanks :slight_smile: . Meant more of a choir feel as opposed to orchestral as they take the background and lead occasionally :slight_smile:

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Great job. Ben, really enjoy the Alberti bass pattern you used in the left hand and the subtle melody alteration linking sections is great!

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Thanks Geoffrey :slight_smile: glad you liked

Good job. Good sound. Peacefull and with that final “olfield” guitar. :clap: :clap:
Congratulations. I love it.

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