Jurassic Park Cover By Cliff

Here is my unfinished entry. I ran out of time as its been a busy month… I know :slight_smile: same old story. I used Youtube to listen to the piece then proceeded to make up the separate parts of the final composition. In hindsight I should have worked out the format before I committed to LPX. I am learning LPX at the same time so this was an opportunity to use the software in anger as it were. My main DAW is Cubase. I found it hardest to free my mind from the way the main melodies are surrounded by separate instances of the melody… I have arranged for small groups before and my workflow worked ok for those. This arrangement was a beast, and a beautiful one. I will complete it, but it will not be quick. I bought Mike’s epic music course and have a learnt a lot about arranging for big string sections through that. I work in the community as a music facilitator, supported by various charities, which means I wear a lot of hats, arranging is just a small but very enjoyable part of what I do. Thanks for the competition Mike it was great fun.
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Cool choice of instruments , they sound true to the orchestration. Maybe some more mixing and layering can help bring out different sounds more. Not an easy track to cover, good work.

Thanks Carl for your kind comments, I used the LPX standard instruments for this and to be sure there is a LOT of orchestration going on in the original arrangement. I have only captured a few of the motifs, I do love the John Williams sound.

Well Cliff. Some instruments are set up well but I must say that, as you advised, it all sounds to me like an unfinished creation. I miss something new added by your own ideas. I’m really sorry, I must be frank. I hope in a future contest you have the time you need. Thanks for sharing anyway.

Thanks for your honest comments, I agree, the later part is not in time, I used a reference track and was playing around with the follow timing which is new to me! I should have sat down at the piano and written the parts out on manuscript then committed them to LPX However I enjoyed the process very much and loved breaking down the parts. I spent some time with the strings automating the volume but the balance of the peice as a whole has not even been started yet. I am working on another peice which is all my own but I have to admit as I listen to it, that it has hints of “The last of the mohicans“ and “Game of thrones” :roll_eyes: