Join the Relaxing Music Contest (April/May 2020)

Sounds great Aron, and as long as the track is made in April/May it will count. :slight_smile:
But this is the main contest rules thread, you should post your entry as a new topic in the contest section: Submit your track as a New Topic here

PS. Make sure to write a nice description of your track so we can learn from your creative vision and technical insights of the composition/production. :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks! Created a new topic for it :slight_smile: Deleting this one after you see this message.

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No worries, you can leave it here as well, but for organization the “contest” is run in its own section with a topic per entry. :slight_smile:

Nice piece. Love the sounds that feel like drops of water. cool piece

Really nice synth sounds.And I like the added percussive sounds. I am new so I can’t give constructive criticism. But I can say it sounds nice to me.


David, you may definitely share any feedback. My aim in this community is that no one ever holds back sharing their “ideas” or things you might have done differently. Criticism isn’t always about how to make things better, but different. My 2 cents. :slight_smile:

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Also, I’d say in some cases, the “untrained ear” can have a more relevant perspective than that of seasoned professionals, even! When spending a lot of time studying the intricate details of something, one starts having trouble seeing the forest for the trees.


I agree, and I like to “give suggestions” rather than say it is critique. It tends to be better received. :slight_smile:

I mean, with music as with all art forms, there are very few hard rules and “must do’s”. Even “bad notes”, piercing sounds, silly samples…can all be what was intended creatively by the composer/producer. And if so, who says it is wrong? :slight_smile:


Ah fab. I have a day free so I’ll be joining in the fun for this one! :smiley:

Really excited to hear everyone’s tracks. Also, really glad you encouraged people to leave comments on eachothers tracks Mikael… to me that’s the best bit. Not just commenting, but also hearing what people think of the tracks. Excited to have a go now!! Roll on tomorrow :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Will be interesting to see what you come up with Geoffrey! :slight_smile:
And yes, the whole point of this community is to connect and interact, give our thoughts, inspire and motivate each other etc. Facebook groups are sadly full of “look at me me me” people that don’t show care for fellow composers. It is one of the reasons I created this community, QUALITY members! :smiley:


Can’t wait for your track Geoff,

I started with my composition for the contest yesterday, but mike stole me already every idea in his tutorial video :slight_smile: just kidding :slight_smile: so i need to change some instruments :smiley:


Thanks Michael.

Should be a lot of fun. I’ll have to keep it simple with the time I have to do it but really excited!

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Yeah I’ve noticed that too. It’s cery sad isn’t it but this community really builds each other up which is a testimony to the work you do with it.

I think the only group I’m on that is similar to this is the trailer composers group. I think that the genre is so difficult that people band together more in support… it’s almost like they’re all rubbing each other’s backs as they write music :stuck_out_tongue: it’s great, as we all know how insecure we can get writing music haha! There’s definitely a flavour of that here too, but without the gushy emotion :wink:


Hi Mikael - looking forward to contributing and participating here. Must submissions be on Soundcloud or can they be YouTube Videos or other?


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Hello Brandon,
SoundCloud or YouTube is best, since the forum software can embed them nicely. Simply write the link on its own paragraph when you post, and it will automatically become embedded. :slight_smile:


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very nice it will be helpful

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There’s a few days left on this composer challenge Bala, will you join? :slight_smile:

Shimmer is a video I created for the competition

Here is my submission for the relaxing music contest

Track Description

A light track which I hope is pleasing on the senses and will induce a relaxed mood

My Creative Vision

I have attempted to make a ‘shimmering’ effect with little vertical movement of notes in the chords and melody

Composition Overview

The chord sequence is fairly simple

C - Csus4 - C - Csus4 - C - Csus4 - G - F

It is in 4/4 time at 70bpm

Main Sounds

I subscribe to EW composer cloud so most of the sounds are from their sound libraries. I use a lot of reverb on the brighter instruments (not on the low end orchestral).

I also have applied EQ to the mid frequencies (1-5kHz) and a little compression.


Posted my entry! More details about the song in the SC description:

Thank you for holding this competition! I’m hearing a lot of great synth pads and reverb padded pianos in the entries I’ve listened to so far.

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