Join the Relaxing Music Contest (April/May 2020)

Join the Composer Contest on: “Relaxing Music”.
You can win prizes, level up your skills, and have fun making music! :slight_smile:

Learn How to compose Relaxing Music - Click here

How to Join the Contest

Prizes for the Winner:

What is “Relaxing Music”? Well that is up to you as a composer to choose with your creative freedom, however you can use these keywords as guidelines:

  • Calm & Relaxing
  • Mellow & Chillout
  • Atmospheric & Dreamy

PS. A big aspect of these composer challenges is to encourage comments and feedback. If you simply “spam your track” and then do not listen to and share your comments on any fellow composer’s tracks, you will be disqualified. Good luck, and have fun composing music! :slight_smile:

PSS. A huge thanks to Triple Spiral Audio, and our fellow forum member @JaapVisser for sponsoring this contest with price for the winner.

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Founder of this Community


Here are 2 examples of “Relaxing Music” I made, that I hope can inspire you for the contest! :slight_smile:


Good luck to all and I hope you enjoy writing some great music and happy to contribute. I am looking forward to hear some beautiful music!

A small edit to let you know a bit more about Triple Spiral Audio
I founded this company in 2017. I am a working composer already since 2002 and have worked for many years in the game audio industry as composer and sound designer. Before launching Triple Spiral Audio I did already bespoke sound design for some composers.

Ever since I started this company it grew very fast. I love working on sounds and tried to find my own voice in the sound design. I like to design ambient sounds, inspired by nature, but also cinematic sounds (I work as trailer composer for companies like Really Slow Motion) and put both interests in my products. I hope the winner will find some good use of the sounds and he/she can choose from or the Kontakt Bundle or the Omnisphere Bundle and if there are any questions, just let me know!


Is it valid if we found out about this forum because of the contest, and are going to be active moving forward?

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Yes of course Tom. The reason I added that was because of problems with “drop and bail” kind of people, which I always found so lazy. The reason for the contest is not only to “win”, but to listen to each other’s entries and share motivational comments and constructive feedback. :slight_smile:

PS. I hope you decide to make a composition for the challenge.



Mike - beautiful tracks you created, just had a nice listen and I can imagine they will be of great inspiration!

I hope you don’t mind posting a track from the Omnisphere bundle that the winner can win?

Here a track made with Empty Fields F2 for Omnisphere which is included in the Omnisphere Bundle


Love the sounds. I will purchase this. Thank you for posting.


Here’s another question - requirement is that it’s a new track. Is it ok if it’s a new track that also has a secondary purpose? I’m currently working on BGM for a game, and the theme I’m working on right now is meant to be relaxing / calming / peaceful. (provided I have approval from the producer) is it okay to submit the theme? Or does the entry need to be solely for this contest?

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Yes absolutely Tom, please do. We had problems in past competitions with some people simply “dropping links” of old tracks with comments like “here’s my track”. That’s why I implemented this rule of “must be a new track” and also that everyone that enters needs to be at least a bit engaged in the contest by listening and commenting on fellow composers´ tracks :slight_smile:

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Great to have you join Valen, however for better organization of all tracks, each entry should be posted as its own topic (new thread), click this link and then create a new topic posting your track there. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I will know better for next time. :slight_smile:

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Oh no worries Valen. I’m glad you decided to join! :slight_smile:

I made something unusually ambient and relaxing for another thing. Might enter a more polished version here as a bonus. (This was made in two hours; that’s the idea with 2HAC.)


It felt like being underwater, it was a wonderful feeling


Looking forward to taking part in this one! Thanks for creating another opportunity for us musicians and composers.

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Great Joel, looking forward to see what you come up with. :slight_smile:

I made this yesterday. Does that count as an “old track”? Terribly sorry, if this is not okay.