✅ Join the Beautiful Music Contest (Jan/Feb 2020)

Here you go. Thanks for the opportunity. I would appreciate any and all feedback. Created using GarageBand on a Mac.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski.


For those interested, here are the sounds I used:

GarageBand Orchestral Percussion


@Soundiron Hyperion Strings Elements

Spitfire Pianobook Bechstein

Spitfire LABS Granular Piano

Spitfire LABS Super Sul Tasto Violin

Spitfire LABS Choir

Spitfire LABS Amplified Cello

Spitfire LABS Strings 2 Swell Ensemble

Spitfire Originals Epic Brass and Woodwinds

Xpand! 2 Orchestral Creation

Xpand! 2 The Bigger Story

Xpand! 2 Romantic String Ensemble

Xpand! 2 Taiko Thunder Drum

Xpand! 2 Timpani


Hey Marcus, great entry! :slight_smile:
But you should post it as its own thread in the contest section of the forum, here:


Will do. Thanks! Should I delete it here?

Nah, it’s ok. As long as you post a new topic in the section. :slight_smile:

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Done. Cool. New topic created. Thank you again!

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This has a nice, quiet feel to it. Like the quiet beginning of an important, significant event. Almost overlooked at first, then the slow realization something monumentous is about to happen.

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Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts. I definitely appreciate the feedback!

Wonderful and BEAUTIFUL compositions Mike! I really enjoyed listening to them! Blessings my friend! :slight_smile:

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…and last Friday, my system disk died. No data lost or anything (apart from some DRM activations locked to the disk serial number, possibly; this is exactly why I prefer dongles), but I don’t even have a new disk for a proper reinstall yet, so the studio is still down.

So, that pretty much rules out any attempt at RPM 2020 (was already low priority, as there’s too much else going on) - but I still intend to have a go at this contest. I’m mostly just practicing on the cello anyway, so the DAW isn’t really needed yet anyway.

Nooo! That’s so sad. :disappointed_relieved:
Was that a M2-based system drive? I haven’t had a drive failure on SSDs so far, but I had several over the years on spinning discs.

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Well, it’s not the end of the world. Kind of needed some more time away from computers anyway - and the cello doesn’t need an OS! :wink:

Anyway, yeah, it was a Samsung 970 EVO M.2. Fast as [censored] (about 5x most SATA SSDs), but that means it generates a fair bit of heat as well, and I’m apparently not the first one to see one fail… They should come with heatsinks, as some other performance M.2s do.

I’m putting the replacement, and a new (2 TB) system M.2, on a riser board next to the RAM slots, so they get airflow from the RAM coolers. I didn’t think that would fit (the riser is taller than the DIMMs), but it actually does, with about 2 mm margin. :smiley:

Indeed; this is the first SSD failure I’ve seen so far (and I have a bunch…), but I don’t think I’ve had a single HDD failure either, actually - despite having two of those disastrous IBM 75GXP disks, that would typically die within weeks or months…! Both of mine survived for years, until they were retired. At my former job, though; I had four HDDs die on me for no obvious reasons.

So, statistically speaking, disks of any kind are pretty unreliable. Don’t trust them! :smiley:

Really beautiful compositions, I loved the theme of the first composition, and the next one has an incredible choice of instruments (violins with bagpipes), the atmosphere and chords are perfect for a magical and inspiring scene

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Since you play the cello, do you have any project one could listen to where you play? Love to listen to cello and violin.

Nothing much yet (only been at it for about half a year!), but I played a few notes in the intro of my latest 8Dio scoring compo entry:

I meant to play the cello parts on one of my NaSoAlMo 2019 tracks as well, but ran out of time (two days for all recording and editing, so I only did vocals for three tracks), so that’s placeholders with the Tina Guo library. Works great for the last bit, but the more intense part would need some serious programming - which annoyed me a bit, as I actually managed to play that rather well, despite the long, fast shifts. But, it was all just a challenge to get off the ground with EDM anyway, and I’ll probably work more on some of those tracks later. There will certainly be real cello on this one eventually. :slight_smile:


Damn. So good. I see your point in track number two regarding the cello. Your tracks are highest class.:+1:


Status update:

Still no DAW, part because I haven’t even received a new M.2 (seller’s systems have failed too…), part because I kind of needed some time away from Windoze anyway. Probably receiving a new disk tomorrow, though.

Cello practice is going rather well. My fingers may be of a different opinion.

Achievement unlocked: Permanent fingertip string grooves.

Well on the positive side, you will be able to introduce so much more expression and more importantly “originality” by improving your cello skills so that you can pretty much always add a part or two in your future compositions (without too many retakes) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, that’s the idea, in the longer term, at least. :smiley: On that note, it crossed my mind to install LMMS or something on the Linux system, and see what I can do with just real instruments and basic editing.

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