John Hazlett Song: Since You Left Instrumental |

Since you left instrumental. This is the instrumental for a song in which I’m working that I’m dedicating to my daughter who died suddenly three years ago when she was only 21.

My Creative Goal for the Music:

  1. A marketable contemporary pop song such as Passenger’s, “You Let Her Go”.

  2. Express my feelings of grief due to her passing, without being too morbid.

  3. Keep it unique and interesting in both the instrumental and sung versions.

Main Instruments/Sounds:
The harpsichord.
Soft Electric Piano

Track Insights & Final Notes
The Main Chord Progression is downward moving:
A minor, G, F, E minor. There also is a change in Key, and a bridge 2/3 the way through the song.


I will have a listen later when I have time, but thank you so much for completing the track description according to the template I made (I was so annoyed in FB groups and other forums people just post tracks without any context…it’s lazy and uninspiring imho). Thank you! :slight_smile:

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First sorry for the lost of your daughter, may her soul rest in peace !
About the music i enjoyed listening it ! it’s the kind of music i like to do ^^ ! but i had the feeling that it’s missing a lead instrument something like a solo violin or cello for expressing that sadness/miss… for that i will suggest you Tina Guo Cello from cinesamples ! that cello has a tone that will fit well in your mix ! here you can see how that cello looks like, i used it in a similar track i made year ago !

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