January 2021 In The Rear View

Hybrid Orchestral and Digital

Creative Vision for the Track:
A retrospective on the rollercoaster of emotions, tensions, hopes, and frustrations packed into the first few weeks of 2021.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
The first half of the piece is an aggressive, rhythmic cacophony in 7/8. Percussive hits, angular brass. Primarily taken from the G diminished scale. (I purposely used flutes / piccolos for some random Tweets)

The second half is more calm and pastoral. Chords move mostly between tritones (E minor - Bb) and mediant harmonies. Woodwinds and strings replace brass and percussion.

Main Instruments used:
Logic Pro X, BBCSO, Cinebrass Horns of the Deep, Cinebrass Core, Metropolis ARK1 / ARK2, Epic Brass and Woodwinds

Retrospect - Stan Bann (ASCAP)

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Chaotic, dread, then pensive, with a glimmer of hope. I’d say you nailed the rollercoaster that has been January 2021 so far! Really loved this. That first section reminded me a lot of Toshihiko Sahashi, who’s one of my favorite Japanese composers.

Great piece Stan!

Thanks, Matt! I’ll have to check out Toshihiko. A new name to me!

Take care!


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Certainly! He’s very John Williams-ish (maybe because he’s worked with the London Symphony Orchestra as well). Here are some of my favs.