It always dawns

I have tried to explain my construction and objectives. It has been harder than composing the music :D.
In the description I followed the script proposed by Mike @Mikael.

Track Description : Calm but a little melancholic mood, plenty of hope.

My Creative Vision : I tried to tell the magic and peaceful energy (does it exist? :S) condensed in the moment when the Sun rises.

Composition Overview : C# major. There is an intro to slightly introduce the sounds and suggesting some simple phrases. Some subtle harp provides an evolving hypnotical trance. The acoustic guitar chord cadence is something simple, with no surprises to be relaxing, but not to be boring there’s a change to Bb. It changes and became something more animated into something like a chorus. There is a bridge (or a post-chorus) structured in a short of arpeggiated loop, like a mattress to take breathe again. At the end there’s an outro similar to the intro.

Main Sounds : I looked for a calm mood based on the sound of an emotive acoustic guitar. Harps and some strings help to dive into the atmostphere at the beginning. In the main part, harp and pianos work with the guitar, adding melodies that slowly take the main place over the guitar chords.

And the link:


First of all, thank you for providing value with your description. To me this means a huge deal, as we can learn and get insights into your creative mind and vision for the track! :slight_smile:

I will give feedback on the music shortly, but need to eat right now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah nice and slow tempo, lots of “air” in between the notes makes it even more relaxing! :slight_smile:
I would have personally added more legato transitions in the guitar, like glides, bends etc.

The composition is very minimal, which of course can work great for relaxing music, and it does. A little suggestion could be to back up with some soft harmonies on piano, strings or something after 1:00.

Great job, and indeed very relaxing. A final suggestion that I would have done, is to add a little more “depth” in the ambience with a soundscape/atmosphere, texture, pad or other very deep sounds. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your tips Mike.

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I liked the track btw, forgot to say that. And as always, tips and suggestions are just that, another opinion. Take it as you wish, I only wish to give my perspective, and hope it helps you in some way! :slight_smile:

Sure it helps. Thanks again

I really like this piece. Well done!
I like this disassembled opening, introducing the idea and mood.
I especially like the harp-eggio with that tone underneath, that comes next. I wanted it to last longer or even return at the end. I think the guitar emulates it around 2/3rds of the way through. The electric piano fits in nicely. I like how the music seems to fall apart, but the re-introduction of the arpeggio on guitar steers the music back to the path until the final melodic disintegration at the end.

Regards, Adrian.

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Thank you Adrian for your words. It is always a real pleasure when somebody enjoys something you create.

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Very beautiful, relaxing and very well done!
I like it, very nice.

Thank you Stephan. Glad to be heard

Is that your guitar playing? Nice and clean guitar playing sound. I think it definitely fits the ambient and relaxing theme of music. I always found recording of acoustic instruments somewhat more challenging, great recording and mixing. Maybe have the piano/moody instruments play in solo for a bit, but nice capture of mood and ability to evoke feelings.

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Thanks Carl for your words.
I can’t play guitar. :stuck_out_tongue: And I must also say that there is no audio track in this song. In particular, the acoustic guitar is Ample Guitar M Lite II, a FREE VSTi that you can probably use in your DAW. I am using it for a few weeks and I think is one of the best freebees I’ve ever found.
The sound is good and it includes several options for a lite version.

…is just what I work for. So I’m very glad to reach my porpose.

Maybe as Mike told me, I could have used more articulations and effects in the guitar notes to make it more natural. I will continue learning.

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Nice, I thought I heard some audio instrument in there, you can’t beat the sound of a real instrument. Keep up the good guitar playing.

I love this composition @VSHDEL ! As noted above, I love the amount of space you left between notes, really letting them settle in before the next change. It’s beautiful!

As all the instruments are VSTs, I might experiment with slightly reducing the velocity of almost all the notes on all the instruments, and adding some variation / “humanizing” differences in the velocity, too. The attack on the notes feels a little harsh against the gorgeous composition.

I might also pull some of the harp notes out, to match the more minimal nature of the piano and guitar. A couple of those flourishes felt out of place in the composition, to my ear.

I thank your words Tom. It is wonderfull that you enjoyed it.
Lately, I’m trying to avoid the note-verbiage. I’m realizing that our labour as creators is based on choosing when to stop adding things, so and I’m becoming more minimalistic. I try to keep in mind that "silence is also music"
I keep on learning about playing a guitar, the resources we can use to increase the expresion. And the same with Harps. I know my sins :stuck_out_tongue:


This is one of my favorites. You are so talented, thank you for sharing your music.

Thank you Randy. It is a pleasure when you make a listener feel emotions.
Any feedback motivates me. You are very kind