Is this plugin web shop for real?

I just found this web shop for plugins and sample libraries, and since the prices are super low on even just released products I am very sceptic.

What do you think about this website, is it a scam?

It might not be scam, but as i read once, they modified the plugins, so that they either mine bitcoins with your cpu or install some bots, and start some DoS attacks from your host.
So, just never use anything from suspect sites…

To your (Mac’s) safety,


Well then I would consider it a scam in any case, I will stay away from them.

Has to be illegal - no way they can sell stuff legally at these prices.

I suppose it could technically be legal, but I can’t imagine many of these developers would agree to include hidden “bonus” features…

There’s this shady company regularly contacting me about adding some VPN node or something to my games, for which I’d be financially compensated, and I suppose their business isn’t strictly illegal or anything - but what kind of developer would do that…? Doesn’t matter if it’s legal and “harmless.” You’re still effectively turning your application into a trojan horse! I would definitely not expect paying customers to accept nonsense like that.

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Effectively, it looks like scam. At the dnd of the page they wrote this:

If you have to specify “all producys are in stock” for a digital product… it is very weird! And even worst, “all sofware have been checked with antivirus”… WTF. No serious sample library company would write this.


The way DRM works, third-party sellers will either have to do vendor specific API calls for every transaction, or they’ll need to order batches of license keys. While that usually functions smoothly behind the scenes either way, it is actually possible for software to be out of stock! The surreal consequences of trying to force the characteristics of physical things onto software… :smiley:

However, although there has been the occasional historical blunder where a master floppy or CD has been infected, that’s obviously extremely rare, so the antivirus statement just reeks of illegal cracks, or at best, incompetence.

Hi David,

Very interesting. I better understand the “out of stock” possibility. Thanks for sharing.
From the original manufacturer it would be immpossible but from a resseller point of view, I understand.

Like Audioplugin Deals, after a sale they claim they are “out of stock” sometimes. I just did not get it at first. Now with yoyr explaination, it is logical for the licenses bought on batches.

But as you mentionned, with the fact they claim the software are tested with anti-virus, it just adds up to it being suspicious. Both statements are putting me on my guards… Very probably a scam anyways.

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Okay it could be, that they order a specific amount of licence keys, but realistic would be, that they are generated at the point of the order.
Of course this site sells “cracked” vsts. This is a crime in my opinion. You can’t sell anything you did not develop by yourself, and on top fill them up with trojan horses or mining software.
See, if you install such software, they have all possibilities on your machine, keylogging, spam mails, bank stuff… etc. you can’t get even more vulnerable than with this. I know, what is possible if you can run your code on a foreign machine :wink:
If you like tv-series you should watch mr. robot on prime :wink:

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