Is this a bad habit (melody/chords)...?

For some reason, I get a melody in my head, play it and then figure out the chords (rather than thinking up a chord progression then the melody)

However, what seems to be my default when choosing chords is to just have the chords follow the melody exactly, such as here:

(I do realize I can let the notes that are the same in consecutive chords ring out but I am presenting it as such for demonstration purposes)

I cannot seem to get out of this habit β€” the question is, is it even a habit that I should be looking to break? Should I be looking for just one or two chords that will fit the entire melody rather than having 8 chords in 1 measure?

Thank you and be well

OK I changed it up a bit:

You can certainly do whatever that your creative sense is telling you :grinning: I would say though that having a chord change with each note of the melody, especially if you do it often, will wear on the ear quicker and can make a piece sound unsettled or a bit chaotic. You could hold a chord and make some of the melody notes into passing tones or different chord extensions like 7ths, 9ths, 11ths or suspended 2nds of 4ths for example.

The main thing is to look at your melody notes and decide the β€œflavor” or emotion you are trying to convey and decide which chords to use for any given note of your melody, as any note could have any number of possible solutions. Just your first note, C#, could possibly be used with C#m, C#sus2, F#m, D#dim7, Amaj. You could even go outside the key and use some borrowed chromatic chords like C#maj or F#maj.

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Thank you Matt - I appreciate your advice

I think what happens is I try to write something then get caught up in making everything consonant and failing to explore dissonance