Is it worth getting a curved monitor screen? My honest review

Hey folks!

So a few months ago I asked for opinions on what monitor screen I should get. There was some debate on whether or not I should get a curved monitor screen.

Well, about 3 months ago I ended up buying a curved ultra wide screen for the studio. I chose this simply because it came on sale :smiley: so it was actually £150 cheaper than a normal ultra wide.

Here’s a small list of pros and cons. Trying to be as level headed as possible, despite still being excited about it.


  • it’s wide - fantastic for editing a time line due to the width. Just this alone really helps with production.
  • the curve is amazing. It reduces glare, you don’t have to turn your head as much and because it curves towards you it reduces eye strain. (This is the biggest plus for me)
  • I’d upgraded from a tv monitor so the colour is awesome. It’s slightly muted in comparison to my Mac, but I actually prefer that as eye strain and headaches are few and far between.


  • it’s still pretty pricey. £240 on special offer (by Samsung)
  • takes up a LOT of desk space.
  • has a toggle button on the back. I’d prefer it on the front and have just a few small buttons, but I’m old school like that.

Overall a fantastic edition to anyone’s studio. I highly recommend this product as it will totally change your workflow.

For me I really love the curved aspect to it, it really does stop you getting headaches and I enjoy the more muted feel… when I say muted I just mean “matt” pallet, not that is dull… it’s anything but dull.

If anyone is wanting to get a new monitor here is the link to the amazon product.

Samsung LC27R500FHUXEN 27" Curved…


The moment you realise they’ve lowered the price even further!!! :sob:

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Thats awesome. I am also thinking of curved screens for my pc stuff as i am currently working on a notebook for composing… but with the price… i think if you all work in your own company as a composer, you must have big advantages with taxes if you buy new stuff or am i wrong?

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You get tax rebate at the end of each year but the first year is skipped so you get it on the second year. At least you do in the U.K. :slight_smile:

This applies to software or virtual instruments too though.

You’ll love having a curved screen. When id inquired about this before Christmas on here there was a lot of scepticism… quite rightly as it does seem like a bit of a gimmick. But it’s really not. I don’t even have to move my head to see the other half of this enormous screen and it’s awesome!

You can actually see the screen in my videos, it’s huge… plus, every so often I enjoy watching films on it, which is a glorious experience :wink:


One downside you forgot to mention, at least that I would consider: It is not standard video proportion. What I mean is that when your screen is 16:9 you don’t have to think about WHERE on the screen you record for YouTube videos etc. You just record the whole screen and that is the aspect ratio of videos! :slight_smile:

I have still not decided what I will do when I upgrade, but I am leaning towards 16:9 or Ultra-wide, not Super-Ultrawide.

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Hey Mikael, this really isn’t a downside for me. Because I don’t record that screen, I record my Mac screen :smiley: I use this second monitor for editing, so I’m running Logic and whatever (OBS) on the ultra wide.

In fact, this is such a non issue to me that it didn’t even register as an issue at all as I naturally started using the screen for what I intended it for… which is editing content on a time line… such as Logic stuff and video editing. :smiley:

So yeah, absolutely no need to worry about that. Definitely not an issue.

Oh and I’d go for the ultra, I didn’t go for the super ultra because I’d need a desk that’s bigger than my room :joy: I’ll take a picture of my desk set up which is pretty wide and you’ll see how little space just the ultra takes up lol


Here’s a photo. Please excuse the slightly messy work space. Ya been a looooong week… and it’s only Monday :stuck_out_tongue:


awesome workspace,
you wouldn’t wanna see mine at my office :smiley:

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Ah, looking nice. Cramping in 2 monitors + speakers on the side…just like me. It’s a bit of a stretch for the speakers for me, since my displays are 27" with thick bezels. So stereo field is a bit too wide from where I sit. But well, there are so many other compromises I have to make to make all my gear fit in reach in my tiny studio! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha @Seven_Tears I can imagine, just by knowing what mine gets like on a very busy day! I have this small shelving space that is so over crowded. Most of the things I use day to day is stored in there and a little box under the desk. I’ll show you below!

As you can see in this, I have the Uke and melodica on hand for quick writing but the shelf space is just a mess… and the mini draws (which are now falling apart are so unorganised (see below)

As you can see, I’m honest about my lack of organisation when it comes to my studio… there’s no hiding it :joy: more organised chaos really… at least that is what I call it :wink:

My percussion box is the best organised out of everything… please excuse my superman pyjamas :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m an adult. Honest).

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Have you had headaches because of your old monitor?
I’ve headache time from time which I think comes because of tense neck or something. It has to do with work posture I guess.
Maybe a curved monitor is one step in right direction?

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It’s just down to looking at a screen for hours on end. I get tension headaches from straining my eyes. It’s got worse for me in the past 5 months as I also think I need new prescription glasses, but it actually got better after getting this monitor. Just simple things that everyone struggled with if you are looking at a monitor for 10+ hours a day :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I do get a bad neck as my desk chair is nowhere near ideal :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks Geoffrey!
Nice of you to do this review. :slight_smile:
Small changes can make big difference in the end, just like music, ha ha :slight_smile:

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Your very welcome. For me I’d say that the monitor is probably one of the most important things to i vest in after the experience I had of just using a ten year old tv screen. It’s wasn’t bad but it definitely wasn’t great!

Your definitely right though, I’ll be focussing on grabbing a few new toys and then a new chair after Christmas I think. I have my eye on the new solo strings patch from performance samples :wink:

I use two flat screen 39" TVs. I have them pinned to the wall above my keyboards. I love them, would never go back to tiny 24 inch monitors. Mine are standard resolution which work fine. If I bought today I would go for 4k. No need for expensive TVs, just budget is absolutely fine

Wouldn’t go down that route myself, too much of a reflective surface on the wall. I record a lot in my space so this would add standing waves that I don’t desire in recordings. But if I were just using VSTs then this would be a great option.