Is AudioJungle the "only" major non-exclusive library left?

I’ve heard more and more composers say that Pond5 does not generate hardly any sales anymore, compared to AudioJungle. Has AJ taken over the market, and now dominates the non-exclusive side of the music licensing industry?

What are you own personal experiences in this field?


Actually I have had some issues with these kind of libraries. I mean, why should I work 2-3 weeks on a track to be licensed for 20$ and been used in a wedding video? There are many composers from what I have read in many articles over the years and they do well and can fully live on making music for AJ, however, if you look closely, many of them just print any kind of track in 3 hours and upload it.
That’s not my philosophy of making music. I rather earn 0$ for making an awesome track instead of 20$ for a lifeless production.
I have some tracks on Audiosparks, I think 40 cues or so, and one cue was licensed recently for 4,75$. Wow! YouTube I think. Not sure. The funny thing is, I would have bet everything to say that this cue will never be licensed as it was a snare :drum: drum solo I produced years ago. However, I do believe that you need 1000 cues and more to start seeing results.
Sometimes it’s lucky as well, but luck is always involved if you just work your ass off. So, there is no luck. One of my tracks has gained 6200 plays in a couple of months which is huge I think for the fact that I don’t have 1000 cues and no one knows who I am as AS has well over 900000 cues there.
What i see as well: even at AS people make decent money, as AS pushes them on the lists to get placements that get well over 1000$ plus they collect all your royalties through licensing sheets.

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I get constant sales in AudioJungle but nothing anywhere else. I don’t seem to be getting enough exposure in Pond5, the page view number is very low even though my keywords and descriptions are in order.

AudioSparx is a place where I will never upload my tracks to because of the perpetual license, you can’t delete your tracks at all and they have a license forever

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How many tracks and/or sound FX do you have on Audiojungle? Can you share your profile?

I have 38 items, maybe 10-12 music tracks and the rest is either SFX packs, singles or idents. Compared to a regular audiojungle artist who uploads 10 songs and one of them sells several copies and nine don’t sell any, my sales are way more evenly distributed among all my items.

In Pond5 I have more stuff but 0 sales in 3 months

Here’s my AJ profile:

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How much is the percent you get as non-exclusive on AJ? 50/50?

45% as non-exclusive, exclusives get from 62.5% upwards depending on seller level

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I agree with you to some degree about AS. Let me explain:

I agree that AudioSparx is NOT the best production library out there. However, for what they give you, it’s almost more than fair and okay.

If I am not mistaken, the exclusive contract is for 8 years, and you always have the option to take tracks out, if they don’t perform. In almost any library it’s the case. Doesn’t matter even it’s exclusive or not. So if you see that a track had no results, you write them, and you will get a solid answer back. The team is great, I could solve any of my issues within a few days. That’s what I have experienced. You write them today, tomorrow you have an answer. (That’s service, even though they have almost 1 million cues.)

Again, you can place your own prices as you wish. If you want a track to be licensed for 475$, you can. AJ can do that? I am not sure, but even if “yes”, the clients are definitely not big Hollywood productions, however, at AS I see every 3 months, who’s track was licensed in a “more or less” bigger production. They do have placements, you just need to have much more tracks, so they can push you the ladder up. (My tip for sites like AS: if you make a lot of awesome tracks, you will get placements, because most of the tracks are not very “Hollywood Standard”.) Yeah, maybe the reputation sinks that way for the whole site, however, it’s your chance to beat all others tracks!!!)

And another great thing is, they do care about your royalties, at least that’s what they promise on their site. They take care of all the BMI stuff, that I would do myself that takes extra time.

There are definitely some cons like…the site looks like Windows 95, you need to do all the tags yourself (and it’s A LOT OF WORK!!!).

But at the end of the day…you have statistics how your tracks perform. Other libraries don’t have these features. The site is not a scam, it’s working, otherwise I wouldn’t have had a real buy and a track that had 6k+ plays in 3 months after uploading.

What I believe is: no matter where your music is, you will always find your user and listener, but you just need to have a tone of tracks that are amazing in all possible ways. People don’t get results because they don’t have any music (numbers) to show. But if you have 3000+ cues, at either AS, AJ or Pond5, you WILL get placements. The more tracks the library has, the more tracks you need to have there to get anything back.

There are exclusive libraries out there that have 3000 tracks inside and on average every composer has 10 tracks there. Now imagine if you have 300 tracks there. Obviously it’s a matter of time when you will get you first big GIG!

From AudioSparx license agreement: Disabling or Deleting Tracks - In general, take-downs are prohibited and disallowed. Take-downs are extremely disruptive to our business and to our clients, and hence, unless there is a critical and compelling reason for any track to be deleted or withdrawn, take-down requests will generally be denied.

AudioJungle lets the artist set their own prices, with no minimimäärään or maximum. The no minimum is a bit bad since it has lead to price wars, and many sell their tracks for $5, I keep my tracks at $29 and some even higher.

I think AS and AJ are working in a different market though, AJ seems to be mostly for the small consumer

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