Invite to a Library Music company

Hey everyone!

I got an invitation for a library music service yesterday. As I have zero experience in that area, I wanted to ask you if there are any drawbacks to it? Things to take care on?

The invite comes from Melodicloud, they are fairly new but claim having 15 years experience by running libraries such as and Registering music there would be non-exclusive.

What are your thoughts on this?


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Hello Erik, I’m glad you decided to join the composer community, how are things going with your big project? :slight_smile:

Personally I have had no luck with the RF (royalty free) marketplaces. I think they have become so saturated that making any income at all from them is becoming harder and harder.


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Hey Mike, thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t expect anything big from registering my music on that service anyway, and also not focusing on making anythings specifically for it. Was just wondering if there’s some disadvantage if I upload a few tunes there just for the chance.

The big project is finished! :slight_smile: Released it 3 weeks ago and working on two enhancements now, basically different light settings, but with new music. Hope it’s okay if I share a link?


Disadvantage might be that a bigger publisher might not want your music if it’s been out on a RF marketplace.

Wow, amazing music and visuals yet again, started watching a few min…sadly can not have YT running in the background. I would love if you posted this in the “Your Music” section of the forum which is for giving each other feedback and motivation. Please include a nice description of the project in the post as well. :slight_smile:

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Hi Erik,

I got the same email a few weeks back, it came across as very copy / paste so I’m assuming its a blanket email they are spamming people with.

The issue I’ve found with lots of these RF type sites is that because they invest nothing upfront in you as a composer they have a very ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ approach. They will happily take on thousands of tracks to pad their library out and if they don’t get you any syncs then they haven’t really lost much in the process.

I’d only really bother doing anything with them if its quick to get tracks into the catalog and the tracks you give them have already been made and used elsewhere. Also don’t sign over lots of tracks in one go, trial them with a few and see if they do anything with them.

In my experience the music libraries that are worth sticking with are the ones that invest in you, whether it be time or money. They will bother to get to know you and your work and it becomes mutually beneficial.


Hi William,

thank you for sharing your experience, that’s helpful. So far, I didn’t reply or registered, still wondering if it’s worth the hustle. As I understand it’s one of those services, that license your music at a one time fee and then the buyer can exploit it however he wants? That correct?

From a quick look at the site, they license a track on a single project basis. So the buyer pays a one off license fee to use the music in a single given project. They have a range of license fees that cover different uses, personal / social media / broadcast etc.