INTRODUCTION: About this Community

Hello Composers! :smiley:
My name is Mike, the founder of this community and, and I am a composer. Just. Like. You. Let me share with you what this community is all about, the benefits you will get, and the vision.

Watch my Video Trailer for this Composer Community:

What is the Professional Composers Community?
A community and forum for composers of all styles and all levels, all over the world. A place where we can connect, discuss all topics that matter for us as composers.

Your Benefits as a Member

  • Connect with fellow Composers
  • Network with Industry Professionals
  • Promote yourself as a Composer
  • Give/Get Feedback on Music
  • Get Help with all kinds of Issues
  • Join the great Discussions
  • Receive Tips & Advice
  • Access Guides & Resources
  • Stay Updated on Industry News
  • Get Special Member Bonuses
  • Take Part in Challenges & Competitions
    …and much more

The more you are active in the community, create topics, reply to posts, are helpful to others…the more you will level up in Member Level. This will give you:

  • Access to Special VIP Content
  • Promotion/Marketing/Business Opportunities
  • More Power & Authority in the Community

The Main Rules of the Community

  • Always be a nice person (even when arguing)! :slight_smile:
  • You must include at least your real first name in your profile
  • Focus on sharing value and helping composers
  • Never spam or self-promote
  • No simple Link-dropping! Every post should provide value in text
  • Posting your music is only allowed in the “Your Music” category
  • No cursing, yelling or any disrespectful behavior
  • No arrogance, elitism and know-it-all attitude
  • Don’t post unless you are going to be part of the discussion
  • Emojis/Emoticons in Titles are reserved for Admins only

NOTE: Breaking the main rules may result in banishment from the community.

Do you have any questions, feedback or simply want to say some kinds words about the forum? Do so in a reply to this post below.

I wish you a warm welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Founder of the Community


Awesome community! Full of resources and great people! Loving it!


1 year planning, 1 month preparing and implementing, 1 week live for trusted invited people. And already way above my expectations, not even having launched it live officially to the public yet. Man, this is going to be the BEST community for composers on the Internet! At least that is my goal :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, I am going all in on this community, so my FB groups, YT comments, other Social Media will diminish in focus gradually. This is going to be the front line so to speak, so make sure you have that favorited bookmark! :wink:

PS: I just read your reply post on the Trailer Labels thread btw. Those long, insightful, well formatted and highly valuable posts are already starting to happen in this community. Posts that could be blog posts/articles in their own. That is quality my friend! :slight_smile:



You’ll get there Mikael, much quicker than you think because you value each person! I’m dipping my head In as and when I can to share and support others on here, it’s becoming a great place to develop. Not only are we teaching but we are learning too which is a great bonus!

Over the past year Trailer music has taken up most of my time and I have quite a few friends in that industry now, all who vary in job role, there’s a few composers, a few company leaders and a few scouts which has really helped understand the mechanics of it all. It’s also helped in terms of my skill in writing trailers (and a lot of other genres) because they are so harsh with feedback… it’s actually borderline abusive… yet taken seriously everything is very valuable. I have lots more to give in that area so I’ll continue to post about it as and when I can :slight_smile:


Thank you, that is my intention, to create that “friends hanging out” kind of atmosphere, with everyone having different skills, experience, success, music styles, visions and goals etc. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I am looking forward to discussing trailer music, and other more focused threads as well. I invited and got Cody Still @stillcd to join so far, but I am going to bring in many more professionals working in Trailer Music or any part of the composing industry.



That’s awesome. Good luck with it man! :smiley: think that kind of atmosphere is needed. Key word is community. I guess there will be times to embrace to good and bad in the future as your essentially building a musical family. So I’m sure there’s going to be disagreements but as long as we can all just respect one another it will work our grand!

Those things are the things that when they happen, you know things are growing. :smiley:


I have so many words I would like to say, in how excited this site makes me! Instead, I’ll let that statement suffice, for brevities sake (I can go on and on about things that are intriguing to me, my bad) I am very happy to have this so I can go onto ignoring most social media more than I already do. Short reasons for avoiding social media, is the polarization it is causing, I have spiritual beliefs that I apply to myself, I cannot, and refuse, to push them on others, or be bullied by folks who think that way (on every camp, religious and non) I love music, I love composing it (I have very much to learn and being on the spectrum is both a gift and handicap) and I do not wish to associate with any groups that condemn others (except in peaceful dissagreement with violent groups) or advocate violence, or any kind of hate, persecution, of anyone, no matter race, sexual orientation, gender etc etc etc. Lets just make music! I know from Following Mikael for awhile now that this site will be a great place of learning and encouragement, so that is why I am so happy to be here and take a part, though I am not “great” I still LOVE music, and composing…Music will always be for me a way to express these deep feelings that words can only by themselves, mess up! This is the autistic dudes way of saying: Thank you for making this site!


James, I almost got teary-eyes reading this. I am so glad you see my intention of creating a place for composers to connect, help and advice each other. Social media (and FB in particular) is not only too much distractions everywhere that waste our time, but more importantly there is bad energy overall with all the toxicity some people spread. Words are powerful, so we should use them wisely.

My philosophy in life is to spread love and kindness as much as I can. To always be humble, respect every person and their beliefs. That is why I will enforce the rules to keep the toxic people out of this community for composers where the love and passion for music should unite us! =)

I am glad to have you on board James, let’s make this into the vision I have. A fellowship of composers who all share the journey of music (LOTR fan haha). :wink:



That a great goal Mike,
I hope and pray it all happen and comes together we need more groups like this on the internet
From what I have seen from Your Videos is that You really Love teaching and sharing
Your very Compassion In how You teach and You take complex topics and make them easier for us older crowd and everyone else no matter what age to understand
which is why I have become a fan and where I know over time I will gain some basic skills in using Logic better, Music Theory and Composing Music
Thanks again Sir :smile:


Ah you are too kind Brian, thank you very much. I have always loved to teach and share knowledge. I often say that I have the soul of an artist, with the heart of a teacher. :smile:

Please do share this community with fellow music composers you know, and ask them to join.

The more we are the merrier. Well, except the trolls, spammers and people who spoil the feel-good atmosphere. Those will get kicked out, haha. :wink:


Awesome intro man. Really looking forward to hearing your stuff! If you have anything online please send it me so I can enjoy!