Introducing the Kalimba Plus - My New Sample Library

Hey everyone,

Today i’m releasing a brand new Kontakt instrument titled Kalimba Plus.

Its a sampled Kalimba which is actually in tune! :stuck_out_tongue: it has a great sound and i took extra care to get the ratio of buzz and pitch just right in sampling. This gives you a bitey attack with a soft pich that we are all familiar with in this instrument group.

Below, you will see i’ve included a demo piece and the video to go along with the release (starting to get a bit more adventurous with my releases!)

Like the other libraries that i have released i really want to keep them as affordable as possible for you guys and composers in general, so i’m selling this for just 310 and i’m also including a promo code for its release which will save you an additional £2, bringing down the cost to just £8. There are loads of features that i’ve included in this instrument too, such as reverb, delay, distortion and presence.

I really hope you enjoy the instrument and that it brings even more life to your pieces.

Here is the Gumroad link if you’d like to purchase the instrument and support me.

heres the track and video for you to watch too. thank you guys and i hope everyone is well.