InstaGantt or similar but free?

Hi guys,

I was looking for a free website/app like this.

If you don’t know Gantt is awesome, you can manage your project plans like a pro. Schedules, tasks, timelines, and workload for your team or the director, etc etc.

however it’s not free… so I would like to know if you already use something like that but free, it will be amazing to use :smiley:

EDIT: the only way I can think to use gGantt free is this. Get an Asana account and sign up for a free plan (No credit card req.). After go to the Gantt’s website and click “SIGN IN WITH ASANA” and then use free plan again (it’s only for 3 project :frowning: but you can’t get free plan if you don’t have the Asana account)

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I love good structure and organization (part of the fact I created this high quality forum for composers) :slight_smile:

@NavidLancaster mentioned this project management service in another thread, which looks like a really nice solution, and also specifically made for our use case:


wooooow this is super cool.

It seems to be more interesting than Gantt or other project manager that I found on internet

thank you for sharing Mike :wink: