Inferno (Action Trailer)

Technical Insights: Tempo 120 bpm
A mixture of a few different choir patches , Requiem Light and Eric Whitacre.
NI Hybrid Keys and synths, Spitfire Tundra, Iceni, Albion One. ( unfortunately my music theory is shit so couldn’t tell you the key haha I’m a write by ears kinda guy ) .
Broken up into 3 sections as most trailer music is. The beginning intro, establish music theme (basic one) and big build up to ending, with a trail off.

My vision for this track, apart from practising trailer music, was I imagined something along the lines of hunger games, maybe the last one in the series, establishing what’s previously happening, with the build-up to the new film, happening in the second section. So I went a bit more emotive musicality to get that across.

I also envisioned a bit of a sci-fi feel to this one, hence the use of synths, but I didn’t want to overpower with them , more have them as an underlying part to bolster the sci-fi feel.

Hope you enjoy.


Wow very cool track Ben, and your description is great! :slight_smile:

The introduction is stunning with the soft angelic choir with the hard hitting stabs, epic contrast for the win! :stuck_out_tongue:

The structure you got nailed in my opinion. But I am sure more expert trailer composers can pitch in here with more thoughts.

I would have considered varying the rhythm/percussion some more in the middle part of the track. Some fill or variation of that stab rhythm would have been nice as a twist. Overall I feel the weakest section is the middle section, it could use some more details, fills and variation.

The transition into the final power section could be better, it’s a kind of drop, but I would have liked some more energy build-up (ex: sub drop, riser, whoosh)

The transition to the final outro is really nice, I loved that final stinging chord ringing out fast, and then going soft into the piano + choir! :smile:

I think it could be suitable for sci-fi because of the big sound of the choir and those epic hits. Great job!

The title sums up the musical score very well!
I love choirs in this style of music, and the piano that comes up at the end is the most beautiful effect.
Very good work!!


powerful music, I loved the percussions and orchestration. And a great mix of instruments. I really like the way you handle risers and booms.

I just think I could have more bass sounds, but it’s just more personal taste, I really like that the bass frequencies resonate in the music.

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