Indie Film Music Contest - Next Flight Home

This is my film score entry for the W2021 Indie Film Music Contest. The name of the film is “Next Flight Home” by filmmaker Jake Wegesin.

Since the filmmaker has chosen an inner-city setting for the story to unfold, I thought a jazz quintet, the kind you might find performing on a street corner, would be appropriate to help tell the story. Flute is used in the quintet to help support birds as our main characters.

Flugelhorn and Flute form the relationship duet that the characters share in the story.


Great piece Clinton! The choice of a jazz quintet really worked well with the style of the film. I really liked how you slowed the tempo a bit and used more of the lower instruments when the main bird character seemed to having his/her days become boring and repetitive; made it seem like they were getting old and tired.

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Thank you Matt . . .