Incandescence - Ukraine's Undying Light

This piece for orchestra is a tribute to the fight for freedom and hope for peace for the Ukrainian people.

Musically, I wanted to explore new harmonic content (for me). I made an effort to focus on form and consciously reach a climatic point, mapping out the piece ahead of time.

I extensively used augmented chords with major 7ths, which led to some elusive and rich-sounding themes. Another technique used throughout was “senza vibrato” (no vibrato) to give a colder, but pure sound, especially in the strings.

Instrumentation for a medium/small sized orchestra: winds in pairs, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, trombone, timp, 1 perc, harp, piano, and strings.

I hope you enjoy this piece, and I look forward to your feedback.



Hey Brandon, nice to hear some new music from you! This really had a late Romantic type of feel and sound to which I really enjoyed.

Are you still using StaffPad with Orchestral Tools?

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Matt, thank you for listening! I hope you are well.

Yes, I am still using StaffPad for writing and my orchestra mockups. The strings were Spitfire Chamber Strings (SCS), but I did use OT Berlin Brass, timpani, and sometimes for the winds. SCS worked well as I wrote this piece intended for submission to a contemporary “chamber” orchestra with smaller string sections.

The orchestration provided some challenges (and opportunities!) to get that big late romantic sound. I was actually aiming for an early 20th-century style with a smaller ensemble (i.e. fewer brass and winds). I compensated for the smaller group by writing more across parts to have more “hands on deck”. I think it worked out and I’m eager to hear how this will sound with a real orchestra!