In Thy Arms - Majestic competition entry

My creative vision: to be majestic the tune needed to have some dramatic elements. The intro was there first and I think it could still have been an uplifting majestic tune but it turned out the other way when I developed the following parts. I find the tune majestic in a sad and somewhat ominous way.

I put the tune together in my usual way: taking up the guitar and trying out things. I used the midi interface (TriplePlay) to play the sound libraries and fooled around until I got something that somehow sounded valid (the intro). As far as the name of the tune goes, I considered some other options as well, e.g. ‘Dethronal’ and ‘Funeral’.

The sound libraries I used were: Audio Imperia Nucleus and Areia.

In Thy Arms


You have some nice melodic ideas and counterpoint going on there! The ending sounds too abrupt to me like your fading out. Maybe do a rit. and end on a cadence or recap of beginning.

Thank you for your feedback. I considered and even tried repeating the intro part at the end but somehow it did not feel good there. The tune could actually go on still a bit based on the last part and develop into something less gloomy.

I think it’s a really cool arrangement. I probably wouldn’t call it majestic, myself. But it’s got a really cool gothic/baroque style. I just finished watching 1989 Batman movie with my kids and could picture this piece playing in some parts of that final scene in the cathedral. Anyway, great job!

Thanks Mike, I agree that the tune is not majestic in an uplifting way. I see it majestic in a sad/gloomy way: I could think it on the background of a scene where the tyrant and even most of the heroes are dead.

A nice dark majestic sound. Some creative ideas and melodies and a huge potential here. The horns and winds sound great. I like the development.

Some feedback for consideration:

  • Use more CC1 dynamics for strings to make more “dynamic” and give more interest and emotion and a bit less “synthy” of an attack in some areas. The beginning notes could have been a longer build in intensity across the string groups.
  • Watch too many octaves in the strings and WWs as they get uninteresting to the listener after a while. Perhaps save the octaves for the big moments and then go even bigger (ie. tuba down another octave) and piccolo up an octave.
  • You might try various doublings with the strings in the same octave to provide more colours and interest vs octaves all the time. ie. clarinet, bass clarinet, vibraphone or celeste
  • Consider highlighting sections and emotions with percussion cymbals and timpani
  • Fade ending feels like you ran out of time.

As it is, it feels a little unfinished. I think with more detail and energy spent on this piece to let it expand musically to allow more high/low moments, this would be brilliant.


Brandon, thank you very much for your detailed comments. I agree with all of your suggestions. I did work on the dynamics using the CC controls but I could have done more. At stages I took the easy way out, i.e. kept the full ensemble (mostly strings) and did not break the part into different sections.

I will need to come back to the tune and develop it further and also see where it would end up after the fade out ending which is not a real ending but maybe rather starting something new.

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Hey Harri, I agree with @brandowalk, there are several good ideas inside you song. Keep on practicing with the control of the instruments and you will advance in you expression, step by step.
Good job :clap: :clap: :clap: