IN THE RAIN - an orchestral work

My Creative Goal for the Music:
I wrote an orchestral track. With piece of music I wanted to achieve new sounds and effects for orchester.

Main Instruments/Sounds:
It is an orchestral work. Woodwinds, Timpani, Horns, brass,
windchimes, belltree, Glockspiel, Harpe, choir, Strings.
I used col legno, gliss effects and random notes effects. The Timpani is in different tunes.
I composed different scales at the same time for different instrumentsection.

Track Insights & Final Notes
The main theme begins with timpani, windchimes, belltree, Glockspiel.
It comes a brass section F -D -Eb B backing from small percussion group. Here are some
the second section is played only by strings and it ends with Eb.
Then the main theme returns.
A string section is the last part of this work