Dear all!

I hope you are all doing well and compose A LOT of MUSIC now!

If NOT, then you are doing something wrong. Use that time, use it well. Most likely we will never have a chance like this in our whole lifetime! So please stop watching Netflix, and start doing awesome music!

I mean, what is better: Composing music or watching Netflix? Decide for yourself! It is up on you now!

Before you leave and start composing: Click the link below and download my FREE music production GUIDE! As long as it is still in stock! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun, enjoy and hopefully you can take something away for yourself!

As always,

take care and be amazing!

To your success,
Alexey :slight_smile:


Just finished my second album 0 due for release in about a wek - and working hard on no 3 - 5 tracks out of 10 finished. Never been busier - although money some distance off.

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@awpMusic awesome! Keep pushing!

What is the “theme” of your album and where do you want to release it?

Hey Alexey,

i’ve read your ebooks, beside composing of course (i don’t have netflix btw.) :wink:
What you are explaining is not only important for making music. You should give everything in your life more attention, well, all attention you could even give.
What i mean, you need to be focused on every part of your life. Family, work, hobby, and so on.

And you have to practice a lot. A golf professional once told me: If you want to become better, you don’t need more talent, you need more training.
My point is, do not only concentrate on making music, concentrate on all parts of your life and improve them. BUT everything you do, do it with the best you can ever do.

I had to learn this in my whole life on a very hard way. But today i think it was worth all the tears!

Stay strong and keep save guys,


This is great Alexey,
When is your full book or course coming? :wink:

You have a talent for teaching, so perhaps you want to explore this deeper?

hi Alexey - you can hear the album in a link from this page:

Feedback always appreciated too,

@Seven_Tears oh you are so absolutely right!

I remember when I have worked on the vessel, there was a “Golf Simulator” for the guests. I don’t remember, but somehow I ended up practicing with one of my colleagues, even though the higher-ranked officers never liked that. We never cared about that.

When I first started to swing, I thought like: “Man, you are such a tree, your body, arms and brain just can’t reunite and work together to make a good and solid stroke…” (I couldn’t even hit the ball!)

Then, two things happened:

First, I saw one of the trainers coaching one of the guests. I tried to really understand the movement.

And second, I started watching countless YouTube videos, educational and professionals swinging and watching in slow-motion.

And the result after a couple of weeks sweating my but off? I started to hit constantly 150-180m strokes with (I think it was either an iron 6 or 7…sorry, don’t remember exactly)
And had one of the wholes ended up with 5 strokes in total, where other colleagues needed 20 or even more.

The moral of that story? I have trained for weeks, practicing constantly 60-90 minutes a day. My colleagues not. But we all started at the very same beginning, with no talent and no clue what we were doing.


Just split the messages…well, yes, what I see often is that people tend to be too focused on only one specific thing in life. Which is really great in the beginning, as they have found something good for themselves. However, if they continue like that, they lose the “bigger picture”, lose there perspective of actually “living a life”, and it doesn’t need to be too long, they will start to lose friends, relationships, health, etc.

Sure, if you want to become “better” in something, you will do sacrifice other things in your life. We don’t have time to do everything. We decide every single day, what we want, or what we don’t want. After reading a couple of self-improvement or personal development books, they all talk about the same principles at the end: Study successful people, focus on your craft, eliminate bad habits, etc.

I see more and more, who are exceptional in their crafts and jobs. Kings of their game. However, still, a lot of them don’t live a fulfilling life, a life that is balanced in all aspects.

What I realized for me is that having a more balanced life makes me much happier than being a nerd, only thinking about that “one” thing and leaving everything and everyone else behind back. For me it’s unhealthy, and it’s not my nature.

Everyone decides for themself, what they find healthy and fulfilling. I have already found it. I love to help people out, wherever I can. Most people appreciate it and I receive a lot of positive energy out of it.

Not sure, I have said it in my ebook, or the last email, however, if there is even only one single thing I could give someone to make their live a little bit better, a little more positive, I have already won.

What I found out with time as well, is that for me “a true” professional is someone who shares his experience and helps others out, gives advice, shares his thoughts and recommendations. A saw many professionals trying to “hold everything only for theirself” and didn’t even want to answer questions, as it seems like they think: “Hey, if I share it now, they will know my secrets…! I don’t want that…”

So I always stay away from that kind of person, you waste your lifetime, don’t get positive energy out it.

There are always principles in life. It’s always good to study these principles, understand and implement them for your own life. There is no shortcut for nothing. Especially if we talk about money. I know many millionaires, and if you understand how much they actually work their butt off, you start to see the whole thing, the whole iceberg. Most people say what? He drives a Porsche, his father is rich. But don’t realize how much that family sacrificed their whole life in order to drive that Porsche…

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