Important message to starting out producers in the library worlds

Hey guy,

I found a very interesting blog-post that I wanted to share with you. It’s mostly addressed to people who start out in the sync-library world (production music).

@Mikael maybe you could put it as a link on your blog too, as it’s very important to the music business in general.

Seriously read it, as it describes very well what the music industry is experiencing right now…it’s from 2018 but nothing has changed, I would say it got even worse, especially because many people & musicians don’t educate themselves but concentrate on $$$ first.

To your success,
Alexey :muscle:


I’ve always thought that stock music is like killing the golden eggs chiken. Like letting your works for the profit of others. Being a slave producing tracks almost for free.
If i can buy a cheap standard track why to contract a taylored piece?
I am personally trying to focus on offering services better that products.


The issue with the market will always be the same or as described with the letter above could get much worser. It’s actually simple…

You have people who care about their video, movie, ad, etc…the professional understand how much work is need to do something good…and experienced people know that the same applies to music creations. This people will pay the money the composers deserve.

And then we have a new coming group of people, most from YouTube…they’ve heard you can make money recording anything…but they don’t have budget and don’t understand the market. They try to get either royalty free music or something super cheap. The problem is there because as well said in the letter those people aren’t educated and don’t have knowledge how the market should work to keep continue working…but instead new companies see new opportunities for themselves to open up a new “Chine-Model”, so you get everything for just one penny. The result is that producers who support that models like EpidemicSound later realize that something is wrong…but then it’s too late. They have already gave up their copyrights to companies who make millions, but the people who create stay broke. Just sad.

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