Illusion - Fantasy music by Brandon Walker

A dark and mysterious fantasy music sketch.

The music for large orchestra was produced using StaffPad for iOS, using Spitfire, CineSample, and Berlin libraries.

Instrumentation: 4444.4431.Tmp+3, 2 Harps, Cel, Pno, Nylon Gtr, Strings

Form: the short 60-second piece has a simple form:
Intro > A > B > Ending


Dang, I definitely wanted to hear more of that. that was beautiful, compelling, kept my interest and the orchestration was excellent. You have one more day!!

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Thanks Gary! Don’t think I’ll have time to expand… maybe next month will be more Fantasy Music.

Technically perfect, no surprises with your mastery. From 0:42 it becomes tensioned and takes me a little bit out from fantasy but it sounds as good that you can not stop loving it.
I can see it perfect as a soundtrack for a film like “Unbreackable”.
:raised_hands: GOD LEVEL

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Thanks @VSHDEL. I agree - it starts to venture away from the easy going fantasy target. I couldn’t resist the ascending G-Eb-Gb pattern in the B section. It was actually an accident going up to the Gb, and was supposed to be G natural. But it sounding like a Prokofiev pattern and I couldn’t resist! Appreciate the kind words.

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Such a short piece for you Brandon, but well done to no surprise. That transition from the lighter part to the darker part and on to the end was neat—made me think of some “in-between” music, where the put the shows logo before going to of after a commercial break.

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