If the mix engineer wants the tracks dry

I am currently working with a vocalist on producing an EP

I would say we will be finished with it in about 3-4 months

In anticipation of finishing the EP, I have begun researching mix engineers as I know my limitations and do not want to mix

Thus far, all of the mix engineers I have communicated with have told me they want all the tracks in each project “dry”

That being said, I am beginning to wonder why, other than for my own enjoyment, I spend so much time finding the right reverbs, delays, modulations, etc., then automating them, when producing a song if the mix engineer ultimately wants everything dry so they can apply their own effects and automation to the song

It seems all the money I have spent on effects plug-ins is meaningless unless I am going to mix the songs myself

Am I thinking of this in the wrong way?

Thank you

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I believe it’s a bit counter-productive to draw strict lines between composing, arranging, and mixing, and even more so when it comes to genres where effects and edits can be a central part of the sound. Being able to at least work with these tools on a basic, conceptual level will allow you to express your ideas more accurately to people who can take them to the next level.

When it comes to hybrid scoring, electronica and the like, the effects are essentially (or even literally) part of the instruments and creative process, and not knowing how to use them is kind of like trying to play strings without understanding the bow. :slight_smile: