I want to share my last piece

Hello friends,

I want to share with you a track today that was short credits of one minute, which I had every intention of developing and finishing one day.
There it’s done…

The sound banks I used (which are my usual setup):

Strings : symphobia, Lass, Orchestral tools.
Woodwinds : Spitfire Audio
Percussions : Spitfire Audio
Harp : Samproject
Piano : imperfectsamples

so…hope you like it


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Love it! Beautiful and engaging chord progressions, with some interesting developments along the way.

Related: I’m feeling very inspired to get back to writing! It’s been a few months of nothing by work and “life” now…

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Merci David for your feedback… :slight_smile:

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A lovely composition. Very nice!

Steven (Laurent) :^)

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Hi Steven … thank you for your message