I need some feedback

i wanna share my latest composition “Longing to return” what do you guys think about this track?

I like your track very much! My only comment/critique (remembering that music is all personal and subjective)- I thought the mix between about 0:45 and 1:03 (and a few moments later) was maybe a little dense, with too much competition for the same mid and high mid frequencies. Other than that, I enjoyed the piece very much! Post more!


Great track for sure. Awesome progression, harmony, melody, & orchestration. Only thing I would do differently that I think would make it even better is adding some whooshes and cymbal swells to decorate the main beats and hits in some of the first 2 sections. Like the second section before the climax there is no whoosh or swell at its end or in the middle when the progression repeats. Those are 2 spots I would definitely add them. Doesn’t have to be loud but an element to emphasize the ends of the phrases would work great in my opinion. The Climax I has the whoosh hit about every downbeat and to me it seems to get a bit repetitive. I’d say maybe either do them every other down and/or do different whooshes instead of the same. Maybe one softer than the other or a slightly different pitch. But overall this is a great track. Sounds very professional with great orchestration and structure of an awesome theme!! Good luck to you and your good work!

Robust! I am so happy to hear such a full sound. So much vitality, Hope and resolution. This music is so uplifting! Loved it, and it made my day richer. Thanks and keep going with your wonderful spirit.