I Need Help With Midi

OK, everyone. I am new midi and virtual instrument. I need some beginner level assistance. I will try to include as much information as possible hoping that it helps.

I have recorded some midi notes into Logic Pro X using VE Pro as a server and VSL Special Editions and VIPro. Whenever I stop recording and go back to listen to midi that I just recorded, I hear nothing. Through trial and error, I have figured out that if I wiggle modulation wheel the specific instrument starts playing and Im good until the next time that I stop. Thus, every time I stop and want to go back and here the score, I have to go down the list of instruments in the VE Pro Instance that I want to listen to.

Guys, what am I doing wrong, have done wrong, or not doing?



I’m not familiar with these particular tools, but it sounds like you might be using instruments with modwheel controlled dynamics, in a DAW that resets all controllers to 0 when stopping or rewinding. (Some do that, others do other things, sometimes it’ configurable.) You might need to record controller data along with the notes, so that you have actual data instead.

(It’s pretty standard for longs, legatos and the like in orchestral sample libraries to respond to the modwheel rather than note velocity, so that you can play swells, sforzando etc. Some “performance legato” patches and similar respond to both, in which case velocity only affects the attack of the notes, while the modwheel controls the sustain level. It’s normally only staccato, pizzicato and similar articulations that respond to note velocity in the same way a typical synth would.)


That is exactly what I was attempting to do. In Vienna Instruments Pro, I had both the expression and velocity XF being controlled by the mod wheel on my keyboard. I may have to figure out another way. This is very frustrating when you are ready to play from the beginning and half of the instruments don’t play.

Thanks for your reply and assistance.