I keep bouncing the metronome with my instrument in Logic

This is one of my Logic annoyances. Does this happen to any of you?
I bounce an instrument or a section to an audio file. I import the file in as a new track. The waveform loads on the screen. And I see it is peppered with a pattern of thin spikes. I must have had the metronome on during playback and forgot to disable it before I bounced the tracks.

Seriously though, when would I ever want Logic to do that? Maybe if I’m making a click track for a live drummer to play along with? I do this at least twice per session.

Is there a way to tell Logic to never include the metronome clicks, even if it’s enabled on playback, when I bounce out a track?

I can understand how frustrating that is for you, but I never had that happen to me, becauseI have the setting ‘only play on record’ on the metronome. Is is really a must for you to have metronome on during playback as default?

I don’t usually have the metronome on during playback, usually just during record. But I’ll often turn it on for a time during playback while I’m checking a recording of an individual instrument to make sure it’s in time. I think that’s partly why it happens. It’s not something I always have on, so when I do have it on I’ll end up forgetting about it and leaving it on during a bounce.

I agree it is pretty silly that Logic adds the metronome to the bounce out. I know of only one use case of this. Which is a friend of mine, who had band that wanted all their tracks including metronome in their in ear headphones when playing live, to help with syncing the band to the beat better than trying to follow the drummer. This was due to them wanting to perfectly sync the light show and everything.

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Yeah, that is the only use case I could think of as well. Oh well, I guess I just need to train my foggy brain to remember.

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I guess you could always send Apple Logic team a note :wink:

If you do, perhaps you could also join my “mission” to get them to implement a global chord track! :stuck_out_tongue:


That sounds interesting. How would a global chord track work?

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Well, two ways. One, as a “lead sheet” at the top of the sequencer where you will always see the chord progression of your music. And two, as a way to apply (force) the current harmony on to specific tracks or parts you select, based on the global chord track.

Check out the great implementation of a global chord track in Studio One! :smiley:

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