I Believe I Like This One!

Hi Family - Hope this message finds you well - have a new one for review - Enjoy

Genre/Style: Smooth Jazz / Electo Jazz
Creative Vision for the Track: Just having fun with Ethera and making groove music
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): Key of b min with shifts to G Maj; Funky bass line, Output Arcade stuff
Main Instruments used: All Virtual this time (except some guitar parts) - testing out new software and having a blast - please send feedback. Really like this one.


This is a nice piece of work.

What kind of mic/processing did u use for the voice?

Hi Mike, the vocals are from Zero-G’s Ethera library. Used Ethera’s convolution reverb and delay. Love all the Ethera libraries and usually use them as filler however made this one the main track! If you saw Gladiator the movie you have heard Ethera.

Here’s a link to all the Zero-G Ethera Libraries -

I dig it - it has a nice vibe to it - very chill

Were the vocals from Output Arcade as well?

I believe I like it too!
Nice groove; nice mix, cool sounds.
I really dig that sax lick near the end!