How to Sound Design for Music Composition

How to Sound Design for Music Composition

Hello Composers, Mike here. Do you want to learn How to Sound Design unique sounds to use in Your Music? You will master the fundamentals of sound design, but also practical sound design on a range of styles like: Ambient Pads, Ominous Drones, Dark Pulses, Magical Pings, Huge Sub Drops, and many more.

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How to Sound Design for Music Composition

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Composer | Sound Designer | Educator


My been reading these book called”

Creating Sounds from Scratch: A Practical Guide to Music Synthesis for Producers and Composers 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

And this quote that caught my eye was.

“Why devote an entire chapter of a book on synthesis to understanding sound and hear- ing? Unlike sculptors or painters who have the distinct advantage of being able to see and touch their work, the sound artist’s medium is invisible. By understanding the physical aspects of sound and the psychoacoustics of how we interpret sound, we can begin to visualize what it is doing and have more precise control over its manipulation.”

Mike under the video of “Sound Sources”

I understand that sine waves have no Harmonic ,overtones or partials not even noise
It is the very fundamental pure tone :more like a flute tone

So In logic I cannot find a way to draw my own wave form the sine wave
That where I want to start

And then just using the ASDR Attack,Sustain,Decay,and Release to sculpt and shape my own drawn sine waves

What plugins do I need to look at free as well as cost where I can draw my own sine waves and shape them any way I want ?

Yes sound design is very much a unique form of art, that’s why I labeled my course sound design for music composition so that it is clear that the focus is to create types of sounds that are common for composers to use in their music compositions. :slight_smile:

Drawing your own wave forms, hmm…I don’t think you can in any native Logic synth no.

The only synth vst I know you can draw waveform harmonics is Serum. Another synth that might be interesting for you to check out is Iris 2, which is a sample based synth.

I have not tried any of these myself but I know they are high quality instruments.