How to Sound Design Cinematic Pulses

I’m curious to hear how you all usually create cinematic pulses. And what synthesizers, plugins, effects or or sample libraries you use. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I often use:

  1. Omnisphere (arpeggiator)
  2. Omnisphre (LFO synced to tempo)
  3. Step FX (Logic stock plugin)

Hello, I often use Ouput, UHE, Soundiron and 8DIO libraries for sounddesign. Sometimes it depends on what I want.

You mean Output pulses? Are those sounds nice, and can you program pulse changes like going from 16th to 8th notes in the middle of a performance?

Hello, I mean Signal and REV from Output. These are pulses and you can change Lofi, Delay, EQ, Saturation and anything more.

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Did you also try “movement” from Output? It can create some really nice motion/pulse effects. :slight_smile:

No. This is on my wishlist. But signal and REV are really fun and amazing.

Are those plugins on iLok, I have no plugins from Output yet.

No ilok. You buy a library on the website and with a dowload software you click the product you bought. Then it was dowloaded you have to fill the serial number into Native access. Then you have to installed again. After all you see it in KONTAKT and it is ready to play.

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for the pulse i use evolution dragon, 8dio
but i like to build my sound with korg legacy (ms20 an d polysix) and program arpegio or pulse with the grid edit adding automation on filter, and also the juno 60
sometime i use my korg oasys because it has a lot of great sound
and sometime i use my roland JD800 synchronised in midi
depend on the music i had to compose