How to set up a BBC2 in Cubase or Contakt

Inspired by Michael the founder of this site I got a BBC2, but could not make it work. Just join this forum in order to get help a few minutes ago. Below is my message replied to the welcome message. I hope Michael or other experts could post a tutorial on how to set up a BBC2 in Cubase DAW or just only the Contakt. Thank you

Thanks for the warm welcome messages.
My name is Michael Yu from Dallas Texas, USA and I am a newbie to the music world. However I like to learn how to use BBC2 ( USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller 2) to play wind instruments, like violin or Saxphone. I have a Yamaha PSR-GX76 and I also installed Cubase Pro10 and Kontakt6 in my computer and the software worked well ( when I press the key of the Yamaha PSR-GX76, I can hear violin or Saxphone sound from my computer). Mike, Inspired by your videos on youtube, I bought a BBC2 recently, but I could not make it work for me. each time I blew it, it only gave me a weird sound, not a musical sound at all. I am wondering if something I did wrong. So Mike, could you please let me know how to set the BBC2 up with my Cubase pro10 or Contakt6.?
Thank you very much and Happy New Year to you and your family.
Michael Yu/Dallas, Texas, USA

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I’m happy to hear my videos have inspired you Michael. Regarding the breath controller, one important thing is to think of it as similar to a MIDI slider or modulation wheel. It sends data from your input on a specific channel. The default channel is CC2. So you have to assign that channel on the software instruments you use to respond to dynamics.

Did you watch my video tutorial:

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Hi Mikael,
Thank you very much for the immediate reply to my questions. Yes, I did watched this video plus other of yours on youtube. I maybe because I am a newbie and know little about how to use the software that blocked me from success. Could you please gave me an email so that I can send you some screen shots of what I did in the DAW of Kontakt?
Thank you

Sorry, I only use my email for business. In fact that is why I created this community was because I was bombarded with 1000s of questions every week from all places online including email. Now I direct every question to this forum so that the entire community can help each other.

You can post screenshots here in the thread btw. But bear in mind I set up my breath controller 2 years ago, so I might not remember much more than my video tells you.