How To Seamlessly Loop Audio (Music & SFX)

I want to know what steps in Logic I need to take to do what he is saying
I came across
this How To Seamlessly Loop Audio (Music & SFX)


I am not sure, never worked with looping. hopefully someone can jump in and reply with a solution. :slight_smile:

PS. Brian, I edited out “Hi Mike” in your post, because I would prefer all questions in the community to be directed to “everyone”…simply because I don’t have time to personally reply to every question. I hope you understand. That is the very reason I created this community, as I got 1000+ questions and messages directed at me every week…so I thought better to have a community where everyone can ask, and anyone can answer. :slight_smile:


Yes, that would be very help Thanks love to hear from others :grinning:

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This is pretty much the same in logic as the video - probably more relevant to game soundtracks and fx but could use this in your own compositions. It’s mainly about having your fx tail in your loop to make it more realistic


It’s 100% the same in Logic X. The last one, cross-fading Ambient sounds is more about experimenting where to make the transition. Sometimes it works by cutting at „0“ waveform but most likely it will end as he showed by using two tracks with cross-fading each other.
I worked on an indiegame / university and had to figure out how to loop a small river floating…it was extremely hard to find a good zero point, as you need to try literally every millisecond to make it work at the end.

If you want, I can upload the file, so have an idea of the original and the final end result.


Yes when can Thanks Alexey that will be helpful :+1:

I was wondering what keyboard shortcuts You guys would use in Logic that I should know to make this go easier
Navigating and getting around editing etc… to find the zero crossing
Because as of now I using the mouse clicking a lot trying to do this and on a 21” Mac screen this can be crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Step 1. Create a audio track

Step 2.So I start out recording me saying ,or hum a note etc… in Logic recording

Step 3. I ask my self what part Do I want to loop?

Step 4. This is where I get lost
So what should step 4. be ?

There is definitely short to jump to the next zero point, however, I don’t know that one, as I don’t use Logic primarily. Check out the shortcut list, which you can find under preferences. You need to type in, like “editing”. Logic will show you every shortcut which belongs to editing.

On the other side I actually never used it or don’t use this as I rely on my ear when I cut audio and loop it back. The zero point doesn’t guarantee you that the loop will be flowless (music or content-wise), it’s only the point, where you won’t get a “click”. That’s it. If you do it by ear, you just “cross-fade”. The shortcut should be something like “X” or “command+X”. But you can create your own shortcuts, so you can use them more logical, what you prefer. For example, I use “control+X” for strip silence, X is standing for “nothing” for me…so I have quick access to cut unnecessary space, as it’s using CPU, even if for 3 minutes no audio is playing…


When you say use the Your ear
What kind of things should I pay particularly attention while I cut the audio clip?