How to mix sad orchestral music - episode 3

How to mix sad orchestral music - episode 3

Really happy to share with you the third and final video in my series!

In this episode we look at how I approached mixing the piece we composed. (So we get to talk about PLUGINS!! Fun!!)

Here’s the SoundCloud to the final track -

Here’s the video!


I really liked this more in-depth look to your mixing/mastering process. Although it seems I need to scrap my whole game plan and start over. :sweat_smile: If I use a reference track, I’d always try to match the levels and using Ozone, I set the true peak to -1db on the maximizer and then set the threshold to a point where the loudest point just tips the threshold just to give it a boost.

My main issue is still getting rid of unwanted noise. As much as I talked up Areia and Nucleus on my last two projects, with my new track, I’m getting that digital white noise again on the tail of the strings and I can’t ever get rid of it.

Also, I never render my MIDI to audio when mastering. Is there that big of a difference?

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It’s best to render midi to audio for mixing, that’s the best thing you can do!

Which library are you getting the noise from specifically? Or is it overall?

Set your scaling to a max of -3… this is where I find it’s best to do it, just incase you get a very strong transient.

It’s ALL about work flow. Take what you can from my process and see whatever’s best. You’ll find your best workflow and you’ll be away. By all means try copying my workflow to see what you like and dislike. Mine isn’t perfect at all. There’s still things I’m ironing out.

The reason I use paid plugins in this video is simply to show my workflow… I’m all about that. So when you choose your plugins remember to be mindful about future works, so you can later choose what to do. :smiley:

Supper glad you liked this one. I’m feeling MICH more confident. It’s amazing how much of a change I feel in just 3 YouTube videos and 10 or so instagram videos and stories.


I seem to be getting noise now using the Areia string library and using NI Action Strikes, specifically the taiko patches—always too much mud no matter how much I cut the low/low mids.

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You could be doing too much processing? I’ve never known action strikes to have noise that’s perceivable. I’m guessing your getting the mud from the strings?

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Yes, especially the violas and basses; there’s always a fizzy, digital hiss at the tail when you release a note. It’s not real dramatic but it keeps things from sounding clean and professionally done. Maybe too much processing? Maybe my old Mac can’t handle it? Gotta keep trying things, like you said. As always thanks for the advice.

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No problem, I’ll keep thinking and if o come up with anything I’ll let you know.