How to hear midi track again, sound lost suddenly?

Hello guys,

I have a logic session with around 15 midi tracks using stock sounds and effects, all of the sudden during playback 1 or 3 of the software instrument tracks do not playback, sound is lost (sound can come and go too) and no green monitor signal anymore. Sometimes one of the tracks will playback the sound very low or the monitor level is low in the bar, volume cannot go higher even if you can still move the monitor track bar up higher. I have 250 gb of storage space left and adjusted the audio preferences to lower buffer size around 500 and a 32 bit sample instead 64 bit, still hasn’t made it work. (I am not creating sends or splitting effects, all the channels have default logic effects on each track channel).

Am new to this, any ideas you recommend? Thanks for your time.

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I hope someone can help you, I use Ableton myself so I can not help sadly…

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Have you accidentally changed the MIDI channel, port, or something on those tracks? Don’t know about Logic, but this happens pretty easily in Cubase if you have a habit of using the mouse wheel for scrolling, as the wheel is also used for changing track parameters when the pointer is over them.

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Sometimes it happen to me to if i play along with expression. if you fade out a midi container and go back to the start, you have to raise the CC11 or CC01 again to get any sound.
Try to duplicate the track in order to test, if its working then again.

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Does Logic stores a file history, like Studio One, so you can roll back to a previous save point (without deleting your most recent one) and see if that works?

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I have good things about ableton, might try it sometime, I use logic.

Good idea will check it out.

I did use modulation, but will check that out, thanks for the tip.

I did modulation effect using the keyboard but even if I don’t use modulation , some other midi tracks will suddenly go silent during playback. Although the cpu bar doesn’t show its full and but Im starting to think maybe its because of loudness or some other overloading in the effects of the midi instrument. Thanks

It almost sounds like you accidentally created some automation in the sequencer on those tracks. Check it that could be the case.

Oh okay thanks, didn’t know automation could cause the sound to sometimes disappear. But I realized the midi notes were deleted not by me, when I double clicked it to see it up close, even though it looks the same within the whole session as a track. I recopied the instrument and pasted the notes from a different session and it works for now, the sound is there now.

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