How to Get Your Music on Spotify, Apple Music (+100s More)

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To Learn How to Get Your Music on Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Hello Composers, Mike here! :slight_smile:
I made this video on how you can publish your music to get it up on Spotify, Apple Music and 100s more online streaming services and stores.

I would really appreciate if you “Like” and comment on the YouTube Video, as it helps my channel. Thank you very much my friends and fellow composers! :slight_smile:

Mikael “Mike” Baggström
Founder of Professional Composers


I think it not only helps your channel, it helps our community in general as I see more and more people are finding this forum somewhere in the web. I will definitely make free ads on my channel as well. I think we all benefit from it, as we grow as a community together, helping each other, providing content, improving and just having fun :wink:


I am so grateful to have you in the community Alexey, you always add so much to the discussions and share your expertise :slight_smile:

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The video is great.
I suggest you try using service. They are capable of the the task across different platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, Groove.

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Thanks for your sharing! If you want to get music from Tidal, I recommend Tidal Music Converter for Windows. With this professional tool, you can get Tidal music with original quality and then use them offline.

The tool - Apple Music Converter from DRmare is available to be used for you to get Apple Music songs. It is well-designed to download the Spotify songs for your offline listening on your own players. You are able to keep them forever.

Thank you for sharing Mikael. I’m wondering, your music being in the ‘cinematic’ genre more then anything else, concretely, did you get some contract or new business relationship because of you posting your music on these platform? Besides the royalties?

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Thanks Daniel, not yet, but I will be releasing more music soon…not sure if publishers/licensing companies keep an eye on Spotify releases though. But perhaps! :smiley:

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Thank you Mikael, I was trying to evaluate the time investment versus the job opportunities that arise from it. I imagine that, in the beginning at least, it has to do with brand developement more than anything else. Hope it will be fruitful for you.

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Thanks for your sharing. I prefer to get my favorite songs from Spotify using Spotify music converter. As we all know, with a premium account, we can download Spotify music but cannot keep them.
Tuneskit is a professional and wonderful music converter and downloader for all Spotify users. With the help of TunesKit, I can download Spotify music to my prefered audio formats, then I can listen to Spotify music anywhere.

Hey Mikael,
I found your video very informative on how to distribute your music and made me seriously consider using DistroKid. It is a great distribution service as it is extremely cheap. However, if you decide to stop using DistroKid all your music distributed will be taken down apart if you use the ‘Leave a Legacy’ option that seems to be quite scammy. This means they could decide to upper their prices and you’d have to stay with them and you become dependent of them. I personally use Soundrop to distribute my music as it’s free (even though they do take a 15% cut but as a teenager I only have a tiny bit of pocket money) and it has worked extremely well for me until now (have been using for about 2 months). Nevertheless, it does take longer for your music to be distributed (about a week or two) and they distribute to way less music services. DistroKid is quite amazing but I do not completely trust them and there are other music distribution services too you should check out too.

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Yes I looked into 10+ Music distributors, but I enjoy the single payment per year of DistroKid, as I can publish as many singles/albums I want per year. It all depends what you prefer of course. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! I haven’t use it before but maybe someday I will have a try!
I also could recommend a Spotify Music Converter Tunelf which is a professional Spotify playlist downloader that can enable you to download and convert Spotify music to any decives.!

I use DistroKid as well, and it’s good. I just wish they included Qobuz in their platform distribution list, as it’s the main streaming service I use.

Oh well, can’t have everything…

BTW - does anyone else have the same problem I have: having my music merged with other artists on various platforms? it doesn’t help that I have a very common name (Mark Lewis - which I’ve started to try to differentiate by using my middle initial as well now: Mark J Lewis. But it’s not so easy to change your artist name once you are listed.