How to create your own Omnisphere Library?

Hello Composers (and sound designers in this case)! :slight_smile:
I am a huge fan of Omnisphere, and have been using it more than any other plugin I own ever since version 1.0 back in 2009 I think.

Now, one thing I never done that I like to do is:
Creating my own custom Omnisphere Library

Can anyone give me some pointers, video tutorials, step-by-step guides on the process. I have read the manual, and it is very vague and thin on this topic.

PS. I would love to be able to publish and release my own Omnisphere libraries later, it might be a great way to make an income. Anyone has experience in this area? :slight_smile:

I teach Omnisphere in our scoring for film course. We mostly use presets but I do show students and to create a custom patch and I’ve created a few from scratch and some custom multi’s. If you synthesis, it shouldn’t be too hard although a find a couple of things confusing. Have you tried to reverse-engineer some factory patches? I always find that to be enlightening.

I am not sure my intention was clear. I am already very experienced with sound design, synthesis and creating sounds and presets from scratch.

It’s the actual creating an Omnisphere library to publish and distribute I want to learn about.

I did make my own patch library successfully by copying the user folder and renaming it to a name that you would like to call it. If I can remember the exact steps I took I may look at doing a video, but unfortunately it will have to join the growing pile of requests at the moment.

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Oh, of course. In fact, I noticed today that you have a course on Omnisphere. I would be interested in knowing what you find out.

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