How to create Gated reverb

Here’s another short tutorial!

This video shows you how to make Gated reverb! A quick and easy way to give your snare a bit more weight, and vibe up your drums!

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I totally used this technique on my latest project. I made a set of drum samples using things from around the house. Cast iron pans, a big stool, a cabinet drawer, plastic bins, a vacuum hose, etc. A thick gated reverb was key on some of them to make them sound huge without fighting each other.

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Awesome man. Really cool to hear you are recording stuff like that too man. Some of my best work was made from recording v my own bin percussion. Share the track si I can hear it! :smiley:

I shared it already in the My Music section, but here’s a link. It was a percussion piece for an Orchestral Tools competition. I used a lot of different drum libraries, including the one I made myself. If you hear a drum you can’t quite identify in this, it’s probably one I made.

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This is great Mike. Are you a part of my Discord community? If so the other users would love to hear this. If not I can share with tou an invite link. It’s a community much like this but there’s a lot more advice and peer to peer support :slight_smile: