How much to charge for documentary score

Hello, I’ve been asked to score a 70 minute documentary and they want to know how much I will be charging. The quality of the footage is very good, and they have decent financial backing. I’m estimating their total production budget at 700k-1.2 million.

Is there a working wheelhouse range? I’ve never had any sort of gauge for this and fear that too often I come in too low just to get the gig. My instinct is saying to ask 20-30K delivered.

I’m thinking this would require 2-4 weeks of my time, and would be 100% sample based with some live overdubs here and there. Any advice or insight would be very appreciated.

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I once asked the company for their budget for the music and if there we’re any other composer they’ve asked to score.
I got the gig I just answered it was okay when they told me their budget. But of course if they don’t give you any sum to play with it’ll be another story. Check google and see if there are some standard rate.
Like this:

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