How Do You Start A Composition?

I guilty of this as well sometimes I do just that open the daw and next thing I know a few hours past by and for me at lest nothing seems to get done weird huh? :astonished:

Just watching your writing powerful melodies course where you discuss the very same.

Think it’s a really good idea to have at least an idea of a story or theme to map out what your doing. Did this with the ambient comp - starting at the surface of the ocean and slowly descending getting gradually darker in tone and it worked really well.


We’re all guilty of it, haha! And sometimes it’s good to just open up a project and see where you end up - it can be really creative, if you have plenty of time to kill :sweat_smile:

I think, for most of us, our music is usually for a purpose - whether that’s to accompany a film/game scene, or to capture a mood for a music library track - so spending some time thinking is so important :slight_smile: