How do You Make Money in Music?

How do You Make Money in Music (all ways)?

I wanted to start this topic where we can share tips, ideas, insights, experience on ALL THE WAYS we can come up with that can potentially bring in some money from the skills we have in music composition, production, sound design etc. :smiley:

And please, if you have any personal success, fails or any kind of experience in a particular “niche” in music…share your thoughts! :slight_smile:

PS. Let’s try to not go down the cynical route of how bad the music industry is today, and instead focus on constructive and positive ideas and perspectives. To infinity and beyond my friends! :smiley:

I will start the thread by sharing my main focus in my business, which is teaching online courses in music. Check it out here: Courses for Composers

Teaching your Skills & Experience in Music
This can be anything from in-person teaching. To teaching one-to-one over Skype. To creating online courses which is what I do since I always preferred teaching to many. :slight_smile:

There are also a great range of topics you can teach within music: Piano, Guitar, Composition, Production, Music Theory, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering…the list goes on! :stuck_out_tongue:

Teaching can even mean sharing tips and tutorials on a YouTube channel, a blog/website etc. where you can potentially make some extra income from ads.

PS. If you are considering starting teaching yourself, please feel free to ask any questions you might have on this field in a reply below. :slight_smile: