High Quality Mp3 audio to be map EXS24

Hi there ,
I have a recording of a flowing water flowing down the creek as a high quality Mp3 audio
and I want to map these to about 3 octaves spread out so I can have bass ,midi and higher range or the whole keyboard if possible
Map to physical midi keyboard to Logics EXS24 Instrument but I want the sample when played the sample will sound as natural as the original recording not unnatural sounding
when I play them

Is this possible in EXS24 or in Logic at all of what I am asking ?

Or would you recommend a 3rd party plugin or software even commercial that can do this much more accurately?

Please list any and all 3rd party or plugins free or commercial

Use Alchemy - can import sample - it’ll determine pitch and map it to where you want. You can pretty much do everything in EXS but better in Alchemy. Think this is the music tech guy vid you need but it might be the previous one as well.

If I get chance I’ll try and do a quick vid on it as well.

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Thanks Phil I try to do that and learn what I need to :smiley: