HIFI-system for an amazing Music Listening experience

I know we can get stuck on composing and producing music, but what about listening and enjoying the beauty of music to the max?

I’m curious to hear what kind of Hifi system you all have for that pure listening experience. :slight_smile:

My Hifi-system:

  1. B&W 802 speakers: dual 8 inch cones for bass, 5,5 inch mid + tweeter.
  2. Denon amplifier: actually a home cinema system, but the sound is really nice.

Nice! I have B&W Headphones and they are amazing. My home stereo though is a mish mash of stuff I have collected over the years but it does the job.

I’m a bit of an audiophile, the speakers I have was around 5000 dollars retail price when they were new. I got them for 1000 dollars second hand :wink:

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The closest we have in the house currently is the surprisingly non-terrible integrated sound system in the 65" TV. :smiley:

For focused listening, I find it difficult to enjoy anything installed in a “normal” room anyway (all I hear is annoying room resonances and coloration), so I’m almost exclusively listening through my studio rig. Aiming for a totally flat response, it did sound a bit harsh for loud listening at first, and the bass seemed weak, but just calibrating away those last +/- few dB issues to get it actually flat made it both more transparent, and much more comfortable to listen to. A peak here and a dip there can have a surprisingly big impact on the perceived overall balance…

And if all else fails, that 15" sub can move scary amounts of air, so it’s certainly possible to apply an “American home disco” EQ curve or whatever, if desired. It’s actually a sealed box! Considered building a low tuned bass reflex (I want linear down to 20 Hz, which is pretty much what I have now), but it can already play loud enough to get things rattling and moving around in the room, so I’ll have to deal with that first… :smiley:

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My listening setup up consists of a Marantz PM6005 amplifier and a Marantz CD6005. These are coupled to Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 bookshelf speakers.

For that late night listening spree I will either use my Ultrasone Pro 900 headphones or get my Neumann NDH 20s from the studio.

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Ah that sounds like a really nice hifi system indeed! :slight_smile:
I only wish my living room had better acoustics. Some day when I get a house I will have a dedicated music/movie room with cinema like acoustic treatment :wink:

No house here either, just living at home still as it is much cheaper. Thankfully I have two rooms that I can use all to myself. One is the studio and the other just a bedroom with a nice sounding Hi-Fi system.

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