Here's my first composition attempt called Celebration

Track Description: A joyful, uplifting composition that moves you to celebrate by dancing.

Genre/Style: I think it’s Dance/EDM but I don’t understand genre to know for sure.

Creative Vision for the Track: I want folks to celebrate whatever it is in their life worth celebrating. Dance, feel good. Be positive.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 4/4 @ 120bpm. The composition begins with two calls then a reply, then a dance segment. A timpani and cajon beat set up the anticipation for the next dance. With these two instruments I wanted to create a powerful lead to the next call letting the dancers know the celebration has only just begun. The composition modulates to D major at this point for the next segment of 2 calls, a reply, and a dance. After this, a cajon beat with shakers, claps, and tambourines set up for the final 3 calls. I used a different rhythm here to maintain the power of the celebration but add a slight sensuality to the tone. After this the 3 calls to the dancer emphasis the dance isn’t near being over, though at this points the dance fades implying the celebration goes on, and on, and on.

Main Instruments used: Logic Pro X was my DAW. I broke the composition into 3 main categories. Brass & woodwinds, strings, and percussion. I used Philharmonik 2 for various brass/woodwind sections. For strings I used Philharmik 8 Violas sus ff and Philharmik mixed orchestral cinamatic strings. I also used Xpand2 – polysynth sweetness to add some background continuity for the strings. For percussion I used Logic’s Four on the Floor SoCal Kit (Kyle), Philharmonik Timpani, and some Logic Pro loops for the Cajon and tambourine parts.

This was also my first attempt at mixing, using the information I’ve been learning from one of my Udemy courses.


Kind of sounds like video game soundtracks from King’s Quest don’t know if you know. Anyways you totally nailed that “feel good” atmosphere, and I like the rythm. Just sometimes I feel as though the transitions aren’t very fluid, really don’t how to say what precisely does this but it’s what I hear.

Thank you so much for your feedback Alexis and your thought on the transitions. I’ll certainly keep that in mind with other projects. Good luck to you.


Yes! I picked up a little medieval / renaissance vibe too (the main motif, especially)! Nicely done!

Thank you Stuart!

Hey Alexis, what current genre would you classify this? I have to come up with two genre and other than possibly dance I can’t really classify it. I have a lot to learn about genre. Thanks for any insight you can give.