Heavyocity ASCEND: Modern Grand Introductory Sale

Heavyocity ASCEND: Modern Grand Introductory Sale

The new Piano Library from Heavyocity which is heavily focused on sound design is available with an Introductory Sale right now. What are your thoughts on this new library? :slight_smile:

Purchased it today but only had chance for a 15 minutes play through. It is a fantastic sounding library and there are some truly unique sounds in there. Only played a couple of the patches but got so many creative ideas popping up from nowhere.

I hope to get a better session in tomorrow evening and may mock up a few pieces.

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After Spectrasonics, Heavyocity is my second favorite developer. Their products have not disappointed me so far.

I do have so many piano libraries already though so I am not sure I will grab this right now, unless they send me a copy for review on my channel.

It does sound lovely though, and the sound design options with Heavyocity products are always top notch.

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